Film Festivals like Tribeca Move to Make Virtual Reality a Marquee Event

"We developed Cave to demonstrate how VR can scale up to the kinds of mass audiences we're familiar with seeing attend cinema and theater. The result is an experience that feels exhilarating, natural, and powerfully social."

A Virtual Cave Got Me Excited about the Future of Social VR

“The implications here are massive. Imagine going to the theaters not to watch a movie but to be part of a VR experience with 49 other people. With the slow adoption of headsets in consumers' homes, location-based and group VR is more likely to reach a mass audience, at least for the short term.”

Tribeca Immersive 2019 Awesome List

“Cave, is a noteworthy animated piece that solves a throughput problem which plagues location-based VR: too few seats Saturday night, too many seats the rest of the time. Instead of one person in a VR experience, sixteen people sit in a tiny theater.”

Are shared experiences the future of virtual reality?

"So we're really trying to tackle the eyeballs-on-content problem. Get your content to scale, get it to where you're hitting thousands of people a day, because that’s when you really tap into the economy of scale in the entertainment industry.”

Tribeca Film Festival 2019: VR, AR and all the techy films and talks

“Hammonds called out one titled Cave, which uses a new technology called Parallux developed in New York University's Future Reality Lab. It allows 10 people to sit in a space and share a holographic VR experience, with Hammonds calling it both theatrical and social.”

VR Film Places Entire Audience Into A Shared Immersive Experience

“An experimental new VR film experience entitled Cave will debut later this month during the Tribeca Film Festival, immersing an entire audience into a captivating virtual experience in which they’ll feel each other’s physical presence as a story unfolds before them.”

A Collective Experience in VR with ‘CAVE’ (Q&A)

CAVE is one of the few XR experiences that’s designed to scale from the ground up and also designed such that every participant is “present” in the piece simultaneously and can see one another.”

Tribeca Film Festival: Virtual reality leaves viewers immersed

“Cave, which takes the viewer back to the days of talking around the campfire may actually point to the future for virtual reality filmmaking.”